Geo Ringler & Co

Business Type: Brewery (NY 390 c)

Years of Operation: 1874 to 1920

Location: 203 East 92nd Street Manhattan

Description: George Ringler opened his first brewery with partner Christian Hagemeister in 1872 when the two purchased the existing brewing business at this location which owned by Henry Elias since 1868. The two gentleman named their new enterprise Ringler & Hagemeister which remained until 1874 when Ringler solely took over the business. Ringler ended up changing the name to Geo. Ringler & Co. and went on to grow the business much larger as years went on. Several other prominent brewers got their start working for Ringler including John Trommer who once served as Brewmaster of Geo. Ringler’s Brewery before starting his own business in Brooklyn “John. F. Trommer’s Evergreen Brewery” which would become one of the largest most well known establishments in the country.

This is one of several different variations of the Geo. Ringler bottle