John F. Trommer’s Evergreen Brewery

Business Type: Brewery

Years of Operation: 1897 to 1951

Location: Bushwick Ave. & Conway St. Brooklyn

Description: After serving as Brewmaster at several other breweries including Geo. Ringler in NYC & William Ulmer’s in Brooklyn, John F. Trommer started his own business in 1897 when he purchased the Stehlin & Breitkopf Evergreen Brewery. Trommer’s beer became widely popular throughout New York and beyond. While many of the other smaller breweries went out of buissness as a result of prohibition, Trommer’s survived and continued to grow. Eventually as time went on Trommer’s would become one of the largest and well known in NYC producing over a million barrels of beer per year during it’s peak in the late 40’s. The company finally ceased to exist in 1951 when it was sold to Piel Bro’s brewery.

Trommer’s may be one of the most widely seen NYC beer bottles coming in many different forms. Antique Beer Bottles of Old New York (Guest, G. 2004) references that there are over 26 variations of the Trommer’s bottle.

This is a very common variation of the John Trommer’s bottle, it is embossed with the name and trademark
Another somewhat common variation of the John F. Trommer bottle.
This is a less common variation of the John F. Trommer bottle, it displays the brewery name, location and trademark of an “E” surrounded by a star
This seems to be the least seen variation of Trommer’s bottles shown, I have not seen many others like this.
Amber crown top Trommer’s bottle
Amber crown top version embossed in script “The John F. Trommer Evergreen Brewery, Brooklyn, NY”
This seems to be another somewhat common variation of the Trommer’s bottle
Trommer’s porcelain beer bottle enclosure