Rubsam & Horrmann Brewing Co.

Business Type: Brewery (NY 645 b-d)

Years of Operation: 1870 to 1953

Location: 191-193 Canal Street, Staten Island

Description: Joseph Rubsam & August Horrmann, two German immigrants started their brewery in 1870 in the Stapelton section of Staten Island. Their location on Canal street had been the former home of the “Krug & Bach Atlantic Brewery” which operated at the location from 1865 to 1870. When Rubsam & Horrmann took over they kept the “Atlantic Brewery” piece of the name operating as “Rubsam & Horrmann’s Atlantic Brewery” and after 1878 a slight change to: “Rubsam & Horrmann’s Brewing Co. Over the years, R&H grew more popular in Staten Island, according to the 1877 annual report of The Western Brewer (H.S. Rich & Co.) R&H produced just over 40,000 barrels that year, with sales and growth increasing R&H sold a great deal of beer outside NY through contracts with bottling companies & distributers (see: Adolph Anthes). Even after the death of Joseph Rubsam & August Horrmann the business continued to grow with pre-prohibition production numbers of nearly 200,000 barrels a year. R&H even managed to continue operating through prohibition and many years after. After over 80 years in business R&H was acquired by Brooklyn based Piel’s Bro’s in 1953 and was renamed to reflect the new ownership.

In recent years (2019) Rubsam & Horrmann Brewing Co. was revived and reopened, visit to learn more about the brewery.

Rubsam & Horrmann aqua blob top bottle embossed “RUBSAM & HORRMANN BREWING CO. STATEN ISLAND NY” *Photo taken by David Tingen
Rubsam & Horrmann porcelain stopper. *Photo taken by David Tingen