The Frank Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 448 f)

Years of Operation: 1898-1916

Location: 912 Cypress Ave. Ridgewood, Queens

Description: The location which would eventually become The Frank Brewery was opened in 1865 by brewer Jacob Marquardt. The brewery remained in the Marquardt family until 1888 when it was taken over by Gustav Feigenspan and renamed “Feigenspan Brewing Company”. Not long after in 1892 William Frank took over the location and renamed it “William H. Frank Brewing Company” and ultimately decided to shorten the name in 1898 to “The Frank Brewery”. The actual location of the brewery was in Ridgewood, Queens but like several other brewers at the time Frank chose to advertise his business as a Brooklyn Brewery. At the time Queens was not known as a popular brewing destination and the Ridgewood neighborhood actually abuts Brooklyn (it is just east of Williamsburg & north of Bushwick). All bottles and advertising for the Frank Brewery prominently display “Brooklyn” as the home location.

This is one of several variations from the Frank Brewery
Crown top bottle from The Frank Brewery
The Frank Brewery bottle Stopper